Benefits of Organic Bat Guano Fertilizer

Bat guano fertilizer is a 100% organic fertilizer produced from the excrement of bats. This natural product is replete with macronutrients as well as trace elements that are known to be essential for the growth of plants. It also helps to significantly improve the texture of the soil by binding together loose soil particles and making dense soil lighter. This provides a healthy bed for the crops to flourish. The organic formula is retained more effectively in the soil than the inorganic variants and is less prone to leaching, thereby nourishing the crops for a much longer duration.
The microbes that are naturally present in this organic product are proven to remediate several soil diseases. They decrease the toxicity of the soil and improve the air and water retention capabilities by loosening the soil particles. The decomposing action of the microbes eliminates harmful worms and improves the health of the soil. This microbial action also makes the fertilizer a suitable ingredient for speeding up the generation of compost from organic waste.

Bat guano fertilizer replenishes the soil with phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, the three nutrients that are crucial for the health of all crops. The high concentration of these elements, coupled with the slow release mechanism of the organic matter, ensures immediate as well as long-term benefits for the crops. Nitrogen helps with ample chlorophyll generation whereas phosphorus assists in the development of seeds. Meanwhile, potassium ensures effective transportation of nutrients to all parts of the plant. The fertilizer also provides other enzymes, proteins and amino acids that support plant growth during all the stages.

This organic fertilizer also acts as a fungicide and insecticide that keeps dangerous insects and worms at bay. It causes quick decomposition of fungi and curbs the population of nematodes that are notorious for destroying the soil quality, Furthermore, unlike most fertilizers in the market, bat guano fertilizer is completely odourless. This means that you will not have to deal with pungent fumes when the product is subjected to heat, making it the perfect choice for the summer crops.

Increases the yield of the plants

All these benefits of organic bat guano fertilizer come together to create a potent product that greatly increases the yield of the plants. Its high concentration of nutrients and minerals, combined with a long retention time, allows the usage of very small quantities of the product for marvellous results. The general improvement of soil quality also implies reduced water requirement compared to that demanded by other fertilizers. Therefore, organic bat guano fertilizer is a cost-effective and efficient solution that assures bountiful and robust crops.

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