Caveorganics Soil Analysis Laboratory – Where Quality Is Assured

At Caveorganics, we have our very own in-house lab facilities to ensure the product quality. Our best in class ICP-OES equipment is used to conduct soil analysis, so that we may develop products that fit the customer needs in the most efficient manner. ICP-OES is a trace-level, soil analysis technique that utilizes the emission spectrum of the sample to identify the constituent elements. These tests conducted in our lab allow us to produce high-quality products that are the most suitable for the customer.

We have strict quality checks in place to ensure that every product developed at Caveorganics meets our high benchmarks in terms of purity and efficiency. Each batch of product is thoroughly inspected at our in-house lab to check for the levels of N-P-K, organic matter, humic and fulvic acid, humidity, pH, and Ec. This ensures that every batch of the product meets the same standards of quality that Caveorganics is known for.

The state of the art equipment in our lab is utilized throughout the research and development phase of all the new products to ensure that we only deliver the best in terms performance. Our key focus is to analyse and understand the customer’s needs so that we can provide them customised solutions for their requirements. In order to do so, we are constantly upgrading our facilities to include the latest tools and techniques for soil analysis that are emerging in the industry. Therefore, we are leaders in the domain when it comes to creating top-notch products to cater to a specific soil profile.

CaveOrganics believes in embracing technology to provide the best products to our customers

Our brand believes in embracing technology to provide the best products to our customers and our soil analysis laboratory is just one of the many efforts to achieve this goal. Our constant endeavour is to surpass our own benchmarks with our new products and to create something better and more efficient. This is why we do not hesitate to invest in high-quality equipment and ensure that our formulated list of tests is run on each batch regardless of the tight deadlines and the increasing demand for our products.

Maintaining optimal soil health is a science and at Caveorganics, we are scientists and inventors with this single motivation in our minds. Customer satisfaction and product efficacy are the two factors that matter to us the most and our experiments and tests allow us to achieve both. Hence, the Caveorganics Soil Analysis Laboratory is a symbol of pride and quality for our entire team and a guarantee of high-performance to our customers.