About CaveOrganics

About Caveorganics

Caveorganics is a premium bat guano fertilizer company that produces and provides superior quality, 100% organic fertilizers for gardening and farming needs. Established in 2017. All our products are cruelty-free and our production processes are eco-friendly. This dedication to serving the planet while creating high-quality products is what makes us the top choice for businesses and individuals, for all their fertilizer related requirements.

Produced from the excrement of healthy bats, our all-organic guano fertilizers are rich in essential soil macronutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Being the source of the three most important nutrients for plants, our fertilizers eliminate the need for multiple products and provide complete nutrition to the crops. These 100% natural fertilizers are ideal to be used with a wide variety of crops, such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The potent formula is capable of supporting all stages of plant growth, owing to the favourable concentration of enzymes, proteins, and amino acids. The capability of our products provides great results with small quantities of fertilizer, thereby providing you excellent value for money.

We do not interfere with the natural ecosystems

Sustenance of the environment is one of our top priorities that is embedded deeply in our culture; therefore, we deploy extraction techniques that do not interfere with the natural ecosystems in any manner. Our products are harvested from the droppings of migrant bats that non-resident in caves anymore. Careful attention is paid to the maintenance of the ecological balance of these caves during all stages of extraction. We only adopt the best practices and state of the art techniques that are proven to cause zero damage to the natural environment.

We are cognizant of our responsibility towards maintaining the health of the soil, which in turn is essential for the health of all human beings and living creatures, as well as a sustainable environment. The quality of soil plays a very significant role in the quality of life of people all around the globe and is a key factor towards preserving the fragile balance of the complex natural food chains. Our fertilizers ensure that we supply the earth with unadulterated nutrition, devoid of any harmful or polluting substances. Choosing Caveorganics fertilizers guarantees the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients, which will make your crops flourish and thrive.


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